Keep on Movin’ On

Keep on Movin’ On

By Lucas | October 8, 2017


charlotte skyline

This blog has gone pretty quiet the last 6 months or so, which usually signals I’m up to something new. In fact, this time it’s a move across the country for another career move. My new opportunity takes me to a part of the country which is a big change for a guy who’s never lived outside of rural Central Illinois.

Heading South

I’m now located in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. In fact, it’s quite a change for my family, both my wife and I come from families that have lived in small town Illinois since the 1800’s. We’re really looking forward to this change, though, from a variety of standpoints (more dynamic economy, better weather, the usual). I’ll also add, that one of the things that excites me about a bigger city is the potential to connect with a larger professional community. I never cease to be amazed by the people who read the words on this site. If, by some crazy chance you’re a reader of this blog who’s located in the Charlotte area and would like to connect, please reach out. I’m pretty much building my network from scratch here.

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